Within the NEXSTAR Hosting Control Panel, there is also a range of Advanced Tools. They are made for cloud hosting customers that are familiar with taking care of their hosting setting. Still, thanks to the user–friendly interface in the Hosting Control Panel, they are rather straightforward to make use of, even for first–timers. In addition, we have introduced a variety of lengthy how–to videos that will help first–time users promptly discover ways to use the software instruments!

Hotlink Protection

Shield yourself from traffic cyber–theft

When you create authentic content there’ll always be someone that will try to get hold of it without your agreement. It is true equally to textual content and also pictures. That’s where the Hotlink Protection tool integrated into our Hosting Control Panel will really assist you. With a mouse–click, you’ll guard all pictures on your web site by preventing other websites from linking to them.

This way, not only will you stop other people from stealing your graphics, but you will also make sure you stick to your monthly data traffic limitation.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Automated generation of .htaccess files

At NEXSTAR, you will have accessibility to the .htaccess file of one’s web site, so that you will make as many alterations as you want. Adding a few lines for the configuration file, it’s possible to direct your site to a new web link, or arrange security password protection for a picked folder, etcetera.

Using the potent .htaccess Generator within the Hosting Control Panel, you no longer need to possess any knowledge about .htaccess files whatsoever. Simply show the tool what you would like to carry out as well as for which web site, and then click the Save button. The smart system will generate the .htaccess file on your behalf within seconds.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Block malevolent IPs out of your site

If you need to stop a spammer from accessing your web site, an Internet troll from your message board as well as a a pack of IP addresses flooding your website, it’s best to make the most of NEXSTAR’s intuitive IP blocking tool. It enables one to promptly stop an IP address or even a an entire IP variety from ever being able to access your site.

NEXSTAR’s IP Blocking tool is very simple and easy. Everything you need to actually do is enter in, the IP address (and / or addresses) you’d like to have to bar and then click the action button. All of the IP addresses you have selected will be stopped up promptly.

IP Blocking