Hypersonic website load speeds for your clients from Oceania, Asia and Australia

To ensure that your visitors from Asia, Australia, Oceania and New Zealand will get in touch with you online as rapidly as possible, you can host your websites in the Amaze data center, which is located in Sydney’s Central Business District and which happens to be one of the best–connected data centers in Australia and Oceania. Our Australian–based data center (Amaze) will make your sites open much faster and will reduce the bounce rates.

In our Australia based datacenter, you’re able to host all types of web sites – from personal weblogs and small–business websites to sizeable online photo galleries and corporate websites. We offer you a range of shared web hosting plans, so you’re able to choose the one that fits you most. All plans come with a 99.9% server uptime guarantee ensured by our team of competent server admins who are on duty 24–7–365.

Linux Virtual Private Servers In Australia Services

In the Australia based datacenter you will also find an array of Virtual Private Servers. With all Virtual Private Servers available in our Australia based datacenter, you can select a Linux distribution (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian) and a Control Panel (Hepsia, cPanel, DirectAdmin). Each Virtual Private Server offers bountiful CPU and RAM resources in order to allow any type of website or web app to be hosted on it. All Linux Virtual Private Servers In Australia feature a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. And if you ever run into any complications – we offer a round–the–clock support service. Our support staff representatives will be happy to assist you no matter what the issue is.


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