Running an Internet site includes a lot more than uploading files and updating their data. Every single Internet hosting service permits you to use various functions that the hosting server offers, for instance limiting the access to a website based on the visitor's location, redirecting the traffic from one website to another one or using an .htaccess file to switch on or disable different options. Most tech-savvy users can take full advantage of all these functions manually by typing code in particular system files, but in case you don't have any experience and cannot do any of these things or you just want to save some time, you'll be able to make use of the tools that we have added to our web hosting accounts, giving you more adaptability and control over your Internet sites.

Advanced Tools in Shared Web Hosting

The instant you log into your shared web hosting CP, you'll be able to access all sophisticated instruments that we provide for your convenience. Every one of them could be used with several mouse clicks, so even if you are not tech-savvy, you can employ the intuitive Hepsia interface to do anything you'd like. The tools include an .htaccess generator which will enable you to specify an Internet site home page, set up password protection for a folder, block specific referrers or create customized error pages, an IP Blocking tool that will allow you to restrict the access of certain addresses or whole networks to your website, a Hotlink Protection tool that'll prevent other people from embedding your content on their websites and using your traffic, a URL redirection tool, and numerous others. You will even be able to control the PHP configuration of your account and enable/disable a number of options with a single click, so you won't need coding skills of any sort.